docker ps -a - list all installed containers

docker rm <node-container-name> - remove a container docker rm -f <node-container-name> - force remove docker rm -fv <node-container-name> - force remove and volumes too

docker stop <node-container-name> - stop a container

docker image ls -a - list all docker image

docker build . -t <image-name> - build from a dockerfile in the current directory with a given name if -t <image-name> is not provided a random has as provided

docker run -p <hostport>:<exposed-docker-port> -d <image-name> --name <container-name> - run a given image in detatched mode

docker exec -it <container-name> bash - enter a running container in a interactive bash mode

docker compose -f up - reference a specific docker compose file , useful when you have multiple docker compose files for dev and and prod