1. Male Patent Boldness PREVENTION a. Saw Palmetto 320 mg daily on a full stomach b. Finestride 0.25mg 4 times week min (can have erectile dysf so take Rosemary Oil or Castor Oil). Use the spray version of Fin.

  2. REGROW a. Scalp Massage, 5 mins min b. Minoxidil, apply daily min 1-2 times c. Microneedling / Derma Pen 1mm (press in, don’t roll), 1-2 times a week d. Gelatine supplementation (make hair thicker). Gelatin is made from animal collagen such as bones, skin, tendons and ligaments.

  3. AVOID a. Processed foods, smoking & alcohol b. Dehydration, stress, poor sleep, showering with Fluoride


  1. Take Biotin if Deficiency, Minoxidil doesn’t prevent hair loss, Finastride is a must but has side effects. They come in sprays and oils so use those topical ones.
  2. Try natural ways, avoid all oral medication and try topical ways as much as possible.
  3. There are two DHT pathways in our body. Saw Palmetto can only block one pathway and apparently, Finestride blocks the other. But try only Saw Palmetto first and see before you can try the spray version of Finestride because, it seems unavoidable.


  1. Lysine (via grass fed beef, eggs) -make sure you’re getting enough protein)
  2. Iron
  3. Probiotics - having a healthy gut
  4. 4)DHT inhibitors like ZINC, pumpkin seed oil, green tea extract, nettle root
  5. Lower stress
  6. 6)B vitamins https://youtu.be/9yr7A1fOuKM?si=KtNQO8Ohx-wRg_ya