Learning more about Git Submodules) . Its meant to be used to link git repo together if they’re dependencies of each other.

Add a submodule to an existing git repo is as straight forward as this command

git submodule add https://github.com/chaconinc/DbConnector

This seems perfect for chiubaca-monorepo where I need to link it to my notes repo. The last piece of the puzzle is if I can get a sync working between that repo and my astro codebase. I have not been successful with symbolic links on windows.

Astro.js has a built in mechnism to manipulate markdown via rehype plugins. These are functions that manipulate markdown AST which makes it straightforward to build your own ones. I’m doing this in chiubaca-mono to convert my obsidian image and markdown reference so paths are corrected when published to my Astro websites.