How I think this Printful - Medusa integration is going to work


  1. Sync Printful store with Medusa

    • This includes all products and variants
      • Shipping cost
  2. Continuously keeping Medusa in sync with Printful may require setting up webhooks on Printful for when items are deleted, updated etc


  1. Render all products -

  2. Use Medusa.js for carts/checkout - a. I would need a wire up the printful tax calculator around here too -

Regarding the payment and fulfilment with Printful. Iā€™m unsure of the correct flow for this. In my head this how I think it should work.

  1. Confirm payment is received from the customer in Medusa.
  2. on the order.payment_captured event, I could fire off a Printful order via their API with details captured in Medusa-
  3. ???
  4. Profit ?!