Reading through the next.js layouts RFC pt 1 .My current mental model: - There will be a new /app directory which can used to incrementally port over component pages from /pages. - at the root of the app we can define a layouts.tsx file which will nest all components. This replaces _app.tsx and _documents.tsx . getStacticProps and getServerSideProps works here which open up the ability for fetching global data across your website without needing to run the data request on every page. - Folder based routing still existing, but index.tsx will now need to be named page.tsx . This means we can colocated test files and other things without needing the page extensions API. You can also provide a layout.tsx in each nested route which will be nested in its parents layout. - There appears to be no API to override the layout right now? - all components will be react server components by default. This opens up the ability to run getServerSideProps and getStaticProps on component!? (need to verify this)