Shared some advice with a developer on a bootcamp on staying motivated:

  1. Build a streak, Joining in with #100DaysOfCode was super motivating for me.
  2. Work in small and consistent chunks. In the beginning, I liked to use Pomodoro technique to force concentrated learning for 25 mins intervals, then 5 min break. I would say to myself ‘lets do 1 Pomodoro worth of reading’ and I would always end up doing more once i got started.
  3. Remove friction. know exactly what you’re going to work on each day. yup this means making a plan of what you want to learn in advance. I knew i was going to freeCodeCamp for a couple of months so this made it easy for me.
  4. write down all your ideas of things you want to build and learn. every single one. Then prioritise and give your self a deadline. Here’s how I organise mine -…
  5. Motivation is overrated. Build habits. Try and make coding a part of your daily routine. I highly recommend reading Atomic Habits where he talks about this in great detail -